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Friday, March 06, 2015

52 Week Savings Challenge 2015 Week 10

I am proud to say that I am up to week 13!!! Yay!! I have been putting in my deposits faithfully. I am pumped. I know some people have large savings accounts and this little thing isn't much to them but it is to me because it's a goal and a competition. I have done this for 3 years (including this year) and I usually drop out near the end but this time I am going to make it through.

I also forgot to post my online earnings.... Drum roll please. LOL Last month I cashed out my $33 in Zazzle(also have pending purchases as we speak, woohoo) and I cashed out a $20 direct deposit today from Cashcrate and I also made .50 from Amazon. LOL My online earnings isn't much but guess what I'm adding $19 of it to my 52 week challenge. So when I get home I'll be up to week 14. I'll just add the extra $5 to my envelope. I'll take my pictures later and post it.

Also one more thing, I am doing the Dave Ramsey method Baby Step 1 which is to save $1000 towards your emergency fund. So once my 52 Week challenge hits the $1000 mark that goal will be completed. I'm hoping I can complete it as soon as possible. I have been reading the forums about the Dave Ramsey method and since they provide all of the information online for free, I figure I'll give it a try. After I complete Baby Step 1, then I'm off to paying off my debt using the snowball method.

Wish me luck! To learn more about Cashcrate visit this post

Monday, March 02, 2015

How to Get Rid of Credit Card Debt

I just got my credit card last September when we bought a house. I actually applied for 2 and got approved for both. Now I am tired of credit card debt because I literally maxed out my highest one $5000 ($4500 owed)but I harldy keep a balance on my smallest one with Capital One($300 limit). I usually don't go past $30. So I'm starting today on reducing credit card debt. I am going to take Dave Ramsey advise and start with the smallest debt. I currently owe $255 on Capital One and was going to pay it off this Friday before the due date but this time I am choosing not to use it again. I usually pay it off ever month but end up using it again so I consider it debt. So this week I will be erasing this debt. I decided to make a conscious decision and cut it up! I feel so free. Look at my lovely picture. This will also help me stay on track with my 52 week savings plan. I am now up to week 10. Yay me! I'll post pics later. LOL. It's all about whatever keeps me motivated!

Sunday, February 08, 2015

Work From Home with Support

Support offers the ability to work from home as an employee with benefits. Their Remote Service Technician position currently pays $9.00 per hour during training and $10.25 per hour after training. To apply visit their current job post here and to read more about their company visit

Friday, February 06, 2015

2015 52 Weeks Savings Challenge Week 6

Drum roll please! LOL. Today I put aside $6. Yay me! So if you're keeping up, we should be at $21. I think I'm going to take monthly pics to keep myself motivated. I know this isn't much money but it will keep me accounted. So later today, I'm snapping a picture of my $21 and my little envelope. I am not going to Chic Fila today and I am going to act like I did and save that money.

Tip for this week.
Everytime you break a dollar, save the change and put it aside. You'll be surprise how quickly that will add up.

Ok Here is my pic of my little raggedy envelope, LOL and my $21. I hope I stay this pumped.
One way to keep motivated is to have someone do it with you or you can also visit the saving advice forum. It's a few people in here updating daily and it's a way to keep you held accountable. Good luck!

Monday, February 02, 2015

How to Get Your Ebook Published

I just found this great new blog called My Ebook Journey . I have been wanting to publish an ebook for a while but really didn't know how but after research I came across this blog that I found on wahm. She really seems to go into details on how to get your book published. So for now I know what has become my new favorite blog to read. :)

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

2015 52 Week Savings Challenge week 5

Ok so who's in it with me. As of today we should be at $15. Don't forget to put your $5 in an envelope and mark off week 5. It's always easy to keep up in the beginning so don't lose focus. A few of my friends are back in the challenge and we're going strong. Remember putting $5 aside this week is equal to putting aside about 72 cents a day.

My goal is to do it all the way through this year. I usually break at or near the $1000 mark. I figure if I could buy Chic Fila breakfast every morning for $5.61(#2 4 count with a half n half lol) then I should be able to redirect my money and invest in myself. $5.61 times 5 days per week times 52 equals $1458.60. The 52 week challenge total comes up to $1378, so it's no excuse! Don't forget to take a picture of your money half way through to stay motivated.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

My new TV addiction

First addiction is Scandal. I love Scandal and I'm glad it comes back on next Thursday. I still love season 1 and 2 the best. It had so much passion then and the story lines were the best. Now my new show is Empire. I'm starting to like this crazy show. Cookie is not to be messed with. The girl is crazy. Lol. One show I'm disappointed with this season is The Haves and Have Nots. I don't know what Tyler Perry is doing because it sucks. I keep trying to hang on but omg! I think he is on vacation from writing or something.

Buy Minx Nails Online

Now you can buy Minx Nails online. Zazzle has teamed up with Minx and they have some of the prettiest designs. Here is one that I found on Zazzle today. Pretty Chocolate and Vanilla Bling mix designed by Teenseyecandy .

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Posting Daily With Zazzle

I created a shop a few years ago but only updated something once a year and made $4 one year and $3 the next but now I have been staying focused this month and have been uploading designs on zazzle everyday and it's starting to pay off. Look at my recent earnings summary. I tried to do a print screen but it didn't work so I just copied it and paste it.

Earnings Summary Current Total Balance* $33.15** Pending Earnings Cleared Earnings All Earnings Earnings created within the last 30 days, thus not yet cleared to be paid. Earnings created over 30 days ago, thus cleared to be paid. The total sum of all your Pending and Cleared Earnings Credits Debits Type Number Amount Number Amount Pending 0 $0.00** 0 $0.00** Pending Volume Bonus $0.00 Cleared 12 $33.15** 0 $0.00** All 12 $33.15** 0 $0.00**

So now I am motivated to see what will happen if I upload 10 things for sell everyday. Let's see what happens in 3 months.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Designed My Own Minx Nails

Ok So I just found out you can design your own nails on Zazzle and so I decided to give it a shot. I really like it. What do you think?

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Spam Comments

LOL. I am not that popular to have over 2500 spam comments. Really? I swear people and their automated robotic comments that have nothing to do with my posts are funny. I don't feel like going through all these comments. I wish I can just click all and delete. LOL thanks for making me laugh today.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Another Year Another Dollar

Oh my gosh! I need to stay focused. LOL but I'm going to try again for this year. I'm still working this blessing/curse 9-5 but I need to stay focus on making money online. I have made money from adsense, amazon, Cashcrate and Zazzle this year and plan on increasing my income for 2015 so I can take that leap. I am so ready to fire my boss. I haven't done any of the work at home jobs lately because that still leaves me with a boss so even though I have a list of resources for them, I'm focusing on being a successful entrepreneur. A dream is only a dream if you quit, but it becomes a reality because you never gave up! (Do you like my saying :)) I'm not giving up! This year in 2015 I will continue to Praise God Stay Focused Think Positive Speak Positive and Be Successful!!!!